Burning hot tension. A chance at the title. And a past that threatens it all.

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Billionaire Romance so hot you'll be begging for more...

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To Tango, with Love

Passion. An Argentine man. 

Desire. An Australian woman. 

A dance that fuelled their love.

A past that threatened to burn it.

Mathilda Landrey is determined to restore the family bookstore to its former glory. So what if she has more debt than a small country? It's the only thing she wants in life. That, and dancing the Argentine tango.

But she'd rather stick a stiletto in her eye, than dance the lead in a tango performance group.

Thrust into the role opposite her teacher, Alejandro Garcia, Mathilda's safe little haven suddenly becomes Nightmare on Tango Street. When disaster strikes, she is torn between saving her family legacy or creating one of her own.

A decade after an accident that ended his chances at the world title, Alejandro is intent on making this performance the biggest event on the tango calendar. His reputation and livelihood depend on its success. No matter how alluring his dance partner is, Alejandro vowed long ago never to embroil love and tango.

When love dances into their hearts, Alejandro and Mathilda must quell her doubts, confront his demons and conquer their fears. Or burn the floor trying.




To Tango, with Love : Ida Brady : 9780648815709 (

To Tango, with Love (Paperback) - -


Before You Were Mine

Teacher Chronicles - Book 1

Ally McVeigh has landed her dream job at Woodbury High. But when single dad, Owen Davies walks into her office with a tragic past and anxious daughter in tow, he threatens more than just her career plans.

Struggling to distance herself from the rugged father's promise of romance, Ally's fear of commitment turns to hope; maybe she can have her cake and eat it.

Especially when Owen craves more than one bite.

He wants Ally in his life, in his bed and as the mother of his child. But in pursuing a relationship with the Food Tech teacher, old wounds and even deeper secrets begin to surface. When his daughter becomes a pawn in a vicious custody battle, he stands to lose not only his child, but the one woman who could make his family complete.




Book Depository: Ida Brady | Book Depository

Amazon: Ida Brady: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle 

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With you
in romance

Hello gorgeous readers! If you're checking out my page, that means you're a lover of all things romance novel related, and I'm hoping you'll be devouring one of mine if you haven't already.

You'll find links to my books (both digital and paperback) as well as ways to connect with me on social media so feel free to have a look around. Reading an Ida Brady book means you'll get humour, heartbreak and a happily ever after (with all the GREAT sex). Every time.   

I'm currently working on book two of the Teacher Chronicles series, whilst juggling pandemic-related lockdowns, family and the general mania that is life at the moment.

I live in Melbourne, with my husband, a teething seven month old and a dare-devil toddler which keeps me more than busy during the day! At night, I love nothing more than snuggling up with our so-big-he's-like-a-dog, cat, Hugo and working on my next novel.

I devour chocolate every day (everything except white, and preferably Irish), and utterly love thunderstorms.

You'll sometimes find me dancing the Argentine tango - if I can be bothered to put on my heels! More often than not, I'll be curled up with a sexy book or film...or daydreaming about my next cast of characters. 

Check out my Instagram page, or sign up to my newsletter for giveaways and book news!

Or feel free to contact me via email instead. I'd love to hear from you!

With you in romance, 

Ida Brady


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Anais Nin

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